Startup mentor & startup advisor experiences especially in the environmental context (Cleantech, Greentech, Circular)

Please find a list of great companies and startups here, that I have been either working with or mentored / coached. If you would like an intro to them or have any questions, please reach out to me.

Repair Circle is a one-stop solution for the repair needs of consumers in Berlin who own a range of small electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and hair dryers​​. It provides a unique value proposition by connecting users to trusted local repair shops, offering a platform where repair costs, turnaround time, and availability of spare parts can be compared, thereby facilitating informed decision-making​​. The platform emphasizes transparency, quality, and rapid service, enabling consumers to find the best repair solutions based on price, proximity, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction​. Additionally, Repair Circle enhances customer convenience through its pick-up and delivery services, reinforcing its commitment to a smooth, stress-free repair process​.

Conbotics provides innovative robotic solutions designed to streamline processes in the construction industry. Their main offering, a painting robot, is designed to automate the process of interior surface coating. This robot can execute tasks twice as fast as manual labor and with 60% less personnel required, allowing for greater efficiency. The lightweight, mobile robot is capable of independently recognizing and orienting itself within its environment. The proprietary robotic arm carries out the surface coating on walls and ceilings, thereby protecting workers from paint spray and promoting sustainability in the painting trade. With a focus on supporting skilled workers and relieving them of health-threatening tasks, Conbotics also addresses the growing shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry. Their primary customer segment comprises professionals in the construction sector who are looking to leverage automation to enhance productivity and workplace safety​.

Green Fusion is a startup that aims to drive the energy transition in the real estate sector by making properties more sustainable through intelligent control of energy systems. Their value proposition is centered around creating a new standard for energy management software, with features such as open-source energy software, modular IT architecture, and a user-friendly interface. By enhancing the control of existing energy systems, they significantly optimize the vast inventory of existing properties while also laying the groundwork for sustainable energy systems of the future that couple heat, electricity, and e-mobility, thus enabling a holistic optimization of the “entire house system”. Their target customer segment is the real estate industry, specifically focusing on those interested in implementing more sustainable, efficient energy management systems in their properties​.

FixFirst is a startup on the mission to curb the throw-away culture by making circular services, such as repair, more appealing, accessible, and straightforward for everyone. They are developing an operating system for Circular Services & Products, a software platform that facilitates workflows and collaboration between circular service providers – for maintenance, repair, and refurbishment of electronics and more. Customer segments include brands, manufacturers, retailers, cities, and insurance companies. This platform also allows for the exchange of service capacity and materials like products, spare parts, and more for reuse.

IIoT Use Case is a community-oriented platform focused on the practical application of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the industry. Its value proposition lies in promoting the latest IoT projects, facilitating a cooperative competition environment, and fostering knowledge exchange on implementing IoT in various processes. By enabling a collaborative ecosystem, the platform navigates the challenges posed by data availability, interfaces, and defining valuable data. Furthermore, it encourages out-of-the-box thinking and agile working methods, centered on customer needs and feedback. The customer segment primarily includes businesses looking to integrate IoT into their operations and professionals interested in staying up-to-date with the latest IoT projects. The platform also provides opportunities for businesses to showcase their IoT use cases and success stories, thereby creating a communication platform for similar business interests and fostering partnerships.

Besides, I’m reguarly mentoring and coaching startups at the following institutions of the startup ecosystem: Impact Hub Berlin, TU Munich, TU Berlin, HEC Paris, ESADE Barcelona, Reaktor.Berlin, Circular Together, LSE Generate (London) and Climate KIC. If you would like to learn more, happy to hear from you:

Also if you look for a mentor with a different profile, the following matchmaking offer might be relevant for you to find a startup mentor:

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