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Artificial Intelligence Start-ups in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (AI)

This article is intended for everyone interested to learn more about artificial intelligence start-ups, their business cases and application fields. The topic is very exiting for me considering the breadth of application fields, the business impact, the security implications and the impact on humans/society (see singularity).

The artificial intelligence technology has wide fields of application, different sub-fields, related topics and overlaps quite a lot. Examples therefore are machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, human-machine interactions, computer vision, image recognition, gesture control, personal assistants, bots, content recognition and many more.

The following list showcases start-ups using artificial intelligence (or stating to use), that are based or headquartered in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (the German-speaking countries) as of 12/2016 (Download: Excel, PDF, Infografic). Get in touch for the status quo.

Name City Start-up Value Proposition
12grapes UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Berlin Intelligent hiring for your business. Welcome to a new era of hiring – powered by Artificial Intelligence. Our prediction tool analyzes key metrics to help you select the best fit people for your company.
12K Research GmbH Berlin We combine smart algorithms, years of research experience and a sense for the future to help companies stay ahead of the digital disruption.
5Analytics UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Köngen (Stuttgart) 5Analytics focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence into business processes, including areas such as sales management or dynamic pricing.
Aaron GmbH Berlin Give your customers voice. understands customer requests in natural language and handles them as desired.
Acellere GmbH Frankfurt am Main AI powered Software Analytics Platform. We are building a cognitive software analytics platform to scale software development exponentially.
Animys GmbH Innsbruck The vision of Animys is to build clinically-validated mobile health interventions that can make a real difference in health care and prevention.
aexea GmbH Stuttgart Generate unique content within seconds. A software that creates content in multiple languages.
arago GmbH Frankfurt am Main Arago is a leading artificial intelligence company that helps businesses automate their IT processes through intelligent automation.
Cassantec AG Zurich Cassantec is an independent provider of condition-based Prognostic Solutions for industrial asset management. The Cassantec Prognostic Report enables asset operators to understand when in the future a malfunction is likely to occur.
collect Artificial Intelligence GmbH Hamburg Claims management in the Cloud.
Deckard.AI GmbH Berlin AI-powered platform for coding teams.
e-bot7 UG Munich e-bot7 is the leading Chatbot platform in Europe. The e-bot7 platform enables businesses to build, integrate and manage Chatbots to automate Commerce and Customer Service on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik and Web Messaging.
everybag GmbH Berlin We developed a visual product search engine for leading brands and retailers using latest AI solutions and deep learning frameworks. Our goal is to recognise every product out there within a second. Just send us a picture, we send you back the product identification number (SKU). Visual search made simple. We offer the entire product data management, are able to scale up to Millions of products and provide several image recognition technologies accessible through a single API.
EyeEm Mobile GmbH Berlin We build technology to showcase the best images from the world’s leading photo community. Our curators use machine learning technology to automatically filter and curate images based on your brand identity. Get the perfect shots sent straight to you.
Fashwell AG Zurich We bridge the gap between content and eCommerce by making every image shoppable.
Fraugster Ltd. Berlin/West Yorkshire Having spent years in the e-payments sector we realized that in order to bring our vision to life, we had to design and build anti-fraud technology from scratch. We spent two years doing just that – the result is an artificial intelligence technology that helps us foresee fraudulent attacks before they actually happen. GmbH Berlin Fix your computer problems with the help of Fred – an artificial intelligence designed for easy and fast IT troubleshooting.
Gamaya SA Lausanne Gamaya is a data analytics company that empowers farmers with unprecedented in-depth understanding of their lands and crops using unique hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence. We translate the data from the cameras into actionable information for agricultural businesses using a simple and cost effective hyperspectral remote sensing methodology.
German Auto Labs GAL GmbH Berlin AI goes Automotive. We are building the first digital co-driver to create a safer and smarter mobility experience for everyone.
gestigon GmbH Luebeck A Natural User Interface in Every Car, Every Home, Every Personal Device. Our vision is a world with human centric user interfaces – where people interact with technology in a natural way and where devices adapt to the user’s behavior.
gigaaa GmbH Oberhaching Next level Chatbot.
Gpredictive GmbH Hamburg Intuitive statistics software: Create predictive models at the push of a button. Add your own domain knowledge.
Inboundli UG Berlin Content curation platform for social marketing and sales enablement.
Inspirient GmbH Berlin Inspirient is an artificial intelligence that surfaces understandable business insights from your data — automatically and within minutes.
Kaia Health Software GmbH Munich Kaia offers a holistic health training program for back pain that is fun.
KONUX GmbH Munich Visualizing and Predicting Your Physical World. With our technology, we build sensor solutions on the edge of physical limits. We employ artificial intelligence to build gateways to the physical world and make the data available in the cloud.
Lastmile Berlin, London Our AI dialogue technology powers the next generation of intelligent bots and assistants. Using deep learning, it enables more natural conversations with higher retention and engagement.
Lateral GmbH Berlin creates powerful machine learning tools that allow developers and companies to quickly and easily integrate cutting edge algorithms into their products, helping to ensure their success.
LEVERTON GmbH Berlin The LEVERTON team started to leverage Deep Learning technology to build a smart data platform. The aim was to support the tedious, yet crucial process of extracting legally binding information from corporate documents. Since then the platform has evolved into a powerful system for managing data and documents. By recognizing the challenges our clients are facing, LEVERTON will continue to build software that enables our customers to simplify processes and make more informed decisions – based on their core company data.
mapegy GmbH Berlin mapegy provides top insights from global innovation and technology data. We offer the most powerful and intuitive tools to measure and track innovation, competition and technology trends.
matchinguu GmbH Munich Making Mobile Marketing Relevant With Context Targeting.
micropsi industries GmbH Berlin micropsi industries GmbH is building cognitive machines: We’re providing high-end machine learning solutions for process control and robotics.
MoBerries GmbH Berlin Matching companies and talent on demand.
NNAISENSE Lugano NNAISENSE is building large-scale neural network solutions for superhuman perception and intelligent automation, with the ultimate goal of marketing general-purpose artificial intelligences.
Narrativa Hamburg, Madrid, Abu Dhabi Unlock Your Data with Smart Content Automation.
Neokami GmbH Munich Leveraging breakthrough Artificial Intelligence, Neokami’s CyberVault enables companies to discover, secure and govern Sensitive Data in the cloud, on premise, or across their physical assets. / New Classifieds Ltd. Berlin/London Job Pal develops customized Chat Bots for companies, that automate parts of the recruiting using AI and Chat Bots.
parlamind Berlin The analytics tool that brings you closer to your customers. Online retailers get a grip on customer experience with parlamind.
PEAT GmbH Hannover, Berlin Automatic image recognition for plant damages.
Pixolution Berlin pixolution provides highly performant visual image search and workflow optimizing technologies for the Digital Asset Management Market and for the Stock Photo / Stock Footage Market. Our product “pixolution flow”​ accelerates the workflow of indexing, managing and searching images and videos.
PRECIRE Technologies GmbH Aachen, Seattle PRECIRE Technologies is the leader of speech analysis technology. PRECIRE decodes written and spoken speech and provides fascinating insights into the interaction of personality, communication and behaviour. The software uses speech and text to create a valid picture of employees, customers, applicants and other conversational partners. / ParkTAG GmbH Berlin set out to build the easiest, fastest and most accurate Activity API across platforms. The mobile SDK provides the background location battery friendly so you always know where and when a user arrives or departs.
Qymatix Solutions GmbH Karlsruhe Qymatix develops and commercializes a SaaS Solution that enables sales leaders in medium-sized business-to-business enterprises to achieve a much higher business success rate through better marketing decisions. Qymatix has developed a unique cloud technology that combines both specific data models for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and HTML5 data visualization for ERP systems.
Sentifi AG Emmetten The FinTech start-up helps discover crowd-based financial market intelligence from 3,372,544 voices around the world.
Simspark Karlsruhe We automate Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) processes to an unprecedented degree. Our technology streamlines simulation-driven product development and unlocks the potential of CAE for medium sized enterprises.
SIS Software GmbH Leipzig Smartphone-based messaging and crowd-management-solutions make sure that essential benefits are generated in the areas of security, marketing and information sharing. Together we create a customized feature package.
So1 GmbH Berlin So1 offers a completely new approach to price promotions in the consumer goods industry. This approach allows manufacturers and retailers to reach individual consumers with individual price promotions and achieve an ROI that exceeds levels conventionally attainable by as much as a factor of ten. The technology of the So1 Engine, based on cutting edge econometric methods, precisely calculates the price reduction required in order to induce potentially valuable customers to switch brands or retailers. The price promotions calculated by So1 in this manner can then be delivered by means of wide-reach mobile applications and digital printing.
Spitch AG Zurich Spitch is a Swiss provider of solutions based on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and natural language voice data analytics. Our technologies are focused on facilitating knowledge work automation — one of the most promising IT trends of the next decade. GmbH Berlin At we believe the world’s most challenging problems are best addressed by people and organisations working together around a common goal. We remove the barriers to creating partnerships based on trust and transparency by allowing organisations to safely disclose individual interests in a protected environment. This new standard of trust allows parties to maximise mutual gains and explore all options available to reach agreement while keeping their preferences private. It is our mission to enable the ubiquitous exchange and mediation of terms and commitments between companies, organisations and governments. We call this the negotiation layer of the internet.
TerraLoupe GmbH Munich TerraLoupe was founded on the premise that understanding accurate geo image data could fundamentally improve decision making for businesses – introducing new prospects for numerous industrial applications.
The SaaS Co. 1 GmbH Berlin, Köln In our mission to make sales easy, we have created LISA. She is an email bot based on artificial intelligence that helps to answer your emails. If you would like LISA’s help, go to and test it for free.
Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH Berlin, Toronto With twentybn CORTEX we offer a modular A.I. adapted to your needs. As a purely technical founder team, we love progress-by-engineering. But we believe A.I. is such a powerful tool that it needs clear direction. These are the ethical standards to which we hold ourselves accountable: Human benefit, respecting privacy, democratization, responsibility and transparency. Karlsruhe, Berlin, San Francisco High Quality Image Annotation. Get the best out of your algorithms with high quality data annotation.
Unified Inbox GmbH Stuttgart, Singapore We empower people and things to simply communicate. We focus on internet of things messaging, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. With a single API, we bring together developers, manufacturers, and the most popular communications channels.
Wealthport Schlieren/Zurich AI-driven data preparation. Automatically clean, integrate and segment your data using artificial intelligence (AI). Wealthport models human behaviour, constantly learns from expert feedback and easily adapts to changes in the data.
WhiteMatter Labs GmbH Berlin, London EyeQuant is an artificial intelligence that gives you instant, objective feedback on web & mobile designs, so you can run smarter A/B tests.
WUNDERAI GmbH Berlin Matching people and products. We are taking Product Search and Discovery to the next level helping Customers to get the right thing. Combining the best techniques across artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, real-time streaming analytics and product metadata, we are building the bridge from social & interest media to e-commerce.
xbird GmbH Berlin We are a medical AI company, using the most advanced technology to save 1 million lives by 2020. Employing the latest know-how in data science and machine learning, our technology captures data streams from the built-in sensors of smartphones and wearables and analyzes these to detect critical health events before they occur.

Furthermore there are investors with a focus on Artificial intelligence: Merantix,, Fabian Westerheide /, Frank Thelen and Fly Ventures.

All in all there is a significant amount of start-ups working on very manifold use cases in the German market. It will be very exciting to see the further development as well as the cooperations within the German market and outside. In one of the next articles I will also investigate AI start-ups from the Silicon Valley and start a comparison.

Do you know friends at other AI startups or have feedback on the topic? Drop me a line or let’s meet for a coffee in Berlin, Germany or the Silicon Valley (in Feb/Mar 17). And of course share or cite this article (sharing is caring)!

Are you a innovator in a company? Did you think about doing a research project with one of these start-ups?
Are you a student? Did you think about working on the future with one of these start-ups?
Are you a journalist? Did you think about covering AI start-ups and their use cases?

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Author: Christoph Baier

Christoph Baier matches Startups & innovative Companies for Cooperation & Open Innovation. He is Managing Director of Ambi-Vation and Co-Founder of founderio. His focus is on (Industrial) Internet of Things, CleanTech and Big Data and shares insights into the cooperation of startups and companies as a speaker or interview partner. Prior to that he studied Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin, wrote his master thesis about the learning capability of B2B startups and the cooperation with external partners. During his studies he cofounded START Berlin and is now an alumni.