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Start-up Matchmaking Event at the Berlin Universities

The Berlin-based partner for development and technology promotion, Berlin Partner organized the Berlin Demoday on 13th February 2017 together with B!, the foundation network of berlin universities. It showcased the latest start-ups from the universities and colleges of Berlin. The goal is to present the start-ups to a broad public of the economy and thus to offer them a stage. Through this exchange, start-ups can win customers and partners, while company representatives can already get to know the innovations of tomorrow today. Not infrequently, innovation partnerships are a result of this format. For all those who could not be personally present, a list of all start-ups with a link to their websites can be found at the end of the article. In case of a contact request (Ambi-Vation), we would be happy to introduce you personally.

Course of the event

  • Welcoming by Prof. Dr. Andreas Zaby (President of the Berlin School of Economics and Law) and Christian Rickerts (Secretary of State in the Senate Administration for Economics, Energy and Business)
  • Keynote “Narrow Band IoT” by Dr. Michael Lemke (Huawei Senior Technology Expert)
  • Powertalk “Cooperation between start-ups and companies” with Dr. Stefan Franzke (CEO, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology), Steffen Krach (Secretary of State for Science and Research)
  • Example of a successful company cooperation: Regina Gnirß (Head of R & D of Berliner Wasserbetriebe) & Oliver Thronicker (CEO, Blue Biolabs GmbH), Moderator: Nicolas Zimmer
  • Exhibition of 27 start-ups
  • Speed dating in three clusters of IT/mobile applications and software/hardware/industrial and production-related services, and life sciences/health care
  • Workshop with Prof. Dr. Sven Ripsas (Berlin School of Economics and Law) on “Transformation meets us all – how should start-ups and established companies (re-)act?”
  • Workshop with Nikolai Ladanyi (ScaleUP) on “From start-up to scale-up – how do I manage to become a successful scale-up after the foundation?”

Speed-dating (co-organized by Ambi-Vation)

Within the speed dating, the participating start-ups had the opportunity to talk directly to the company representatives and connect in short 3-minute conversations. 25 start-ups in three thematic areas have seized this opportunity and have gathered the first creative ideas for co-operation – that’s power networking. After the work has been done, both sides have reported a good exchange at the buffet and exchanged contact details to discuss the potential of a cooperation. At Ambi-Vation, we are curious about the kind of collaboration that results from today’s get together.

Active participation of company representatives

The participants were made up of curious representatives of large companies, medium-sized companies and municipal companies. For example, representatives of the Berlin water companies, Deutsche Bahn, Berliner Volksbank, Philip Morris Manufacturing, Siemens, UseTree, Viessmann, Volkswagen and Berliner Sparkasse were present.

Start-ups with link to their website GmbH GmbH. Crowdsupport for computer queries and problems
AFFS Affective Signals GmbH AFFS Affective Signals GmbH. Computer-aided methods that recognize, analyze and interpret non-verbal, social signals from image and sound data
akvola technologies gmbh Akvola technologies GmbH. Sustainable water treatment
ALLVR GmbH AllVR GmbH. Cloud-based business platform for visualization and communication with virtual reality spectacles for the industrial sector
Anacode GmbH Anacode GmbH. Software for market research in emerging markets
Blue Biolabs GmbH Blue Biolabs GmbH. Molecular biological analysis of wells
Cellbricks GmbH Cellbricks GmbH. Development and distribution of 3D bioprints for the printing of mini-organs and living tissue
CocktailIce CocktailIce. Conversion of highly concentrated alcohol into ice crystals using organic ingredients
Deckard A.I. GmbH Deckard.A.I. Artificial Intelligence-based collaboration platform for software developers
FDX Fluid Dynamix GmbH FDX Fluid Dynamix GmbH. Development and operation of Oscijet nozzles to produce a moving beam without moving parts for industrial applications
GOLARES GmbH Golares GmbH. Coatings and microstructuring with plasma technology
HygNova Medical HygNova Medical. Technology-based reminding, monitoring and live reporting system, which on the basis of the demands of the WHO permanently increases the rate of hand disinfection in hospitals and reduces the costs by reducing the infection rate
Imanox GmbH Imanox. The fully automated IMANOX photosystem
Inspirient GmbH Inspirient GmbH. Compilation of fully comprehensible and decision-relevant analyzes from business data sets using artificial intelligence (CI)
Nano-Join GmbH Nano-Join GmbH. Pressureless nanoscale pastes for assembly and connection technology in power electronics
nuu Text & Data Analytics GmbH Nuu Text & Data Analytics GmbH. Because good decisions begin with questions: The cognitively inspired nuu platform learns relationships between unstructured and structured data. It visualizes connections on the semantic level and supports decision-making processes.
PerfAccT PerfAccT. Acceleration of computer simulations developed in MATLAB by means of fully automatic parallelization
Philosoffee GmbH Philosoffee GmbH. Coffee Trend Koldbrew with significantly less acid and bitter, a natural sweetness and three times more caffeine than Red Bull Wallet, which powers smartphones by simply putting on
Sample of Science GmbH Sample of Science GmbH. Portal for scientists for efficient information exchange and publishing
Sentientic GmbH Sentientic GmbH. Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Analytics for E-Commerce
shoutr labs UG Shoutr labs. System for digital content distribution, which can deliver large amounts of data such as HD video, multimedia or augmented reality content context-dependent to mobile devices in seconds
shyftplan GmbH Shyftplan GmbH. Online service planning with payroll
simpleDS GmbH SimpleDS GmbH. Ultra-Low-Cost Digital Signage Solution in a subscription model
splone UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Splone Software for monitoring and analyzing weak points of industrial and IoT networks
Traxas Media UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Traxas Media. Interactive, digital POS solutions. In addition to increased attention and customer ad-vance, customers are also shown to increase their expenses in retail.
VEIT VEIT. Furniture design system with the patented Easy-Change construction
viomedo UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Viomedo. Internet platform for mediating patient-friendly clinical trials for patients


This article is also available in German.

Testimonial about the Speed-dating

“The Speed Dating was a successful format for bringing together company representatives and innovative Berlin university start-ups to create a collaboration between the right actors. As a partner, Ambi-Vation has implemented the speed dating very professionally and linked both sides personally.” – Dr. Philip Steden,
Business Unit Manager at Berlin Partner.

About Ambi-Vation
design thinkingAmbi-Vation combines innovative companies and start-ups for innovation partnerships. As an innovation consultancy and matchmaker, Ambi-Vation is pushing the cooperation between established companies and start-ups as part of a general exchange as well as within the scope of concrete customer, supplier and research partnerships. Specifically, Ambi-Vation supports companies in the identification of needs, start-up identification, start-up evaluation and initiation of the cooperation. For this purpose, formats such as the research of relevant start-ups, start-up monitoring, strategic cooperation consulting or event formats such as start-up tours are used. The monthly newsletter also informs curious company representatives about current cooperation examples and events on these cooperations.

Author: Christoph Baier

Christoph Baier matches Startups & innovative Companies for Cooperation & Open Innovation. He is Managing Director of Ambi-Vation and Co-Founder of founderio. His focus is on (Industrial) Internet of Things, CleanTech and Big Data and shares insights into the cooperation of startups and companies as a speaker or interview partner. Prior to that he studied Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin, wrote his master thesis about the learning capability of B2B startups and the cooperation with external partners. During his studies he cofounded START Berlin and is now an alumni.

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