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Video collection – innovative video clips

Here you can find a personal collection of innovative videoclips. They include knowledge which is transfered in a novel way.
If you know some other interesting stuff – mail me.

Design Thinking Crashcourse

Design Thinking CrashcourseYour crash course on design thinking! Find on

Gamification and gamified design

Gamification and gamified design

Illustrates how gamification is changing our todays world. Pretty impressive talk! Find on Youtube.

RSA Animate


The clip illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace. Find on Youtube.


Illustrates the effects of different senses of time and how they affect us. Find on Youtube.

Empathic Civilisation

Illustrates the evolution of empathy within our civilisation. Find on Youtube.

Ideavation changing the world

Ideation changing the world (UnternehmerTUM)

Illustrates the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on our life and motivates :). Find on Youtube.

Riverhead Books – Steven Johnson

Ideation – Where good ideas come from

Illustrates the innovation and ideation patterns as well as the innovation driver connectivity. Find on Youtube.

TED Talk on: Ideas having Sex

Recombining ideas

Find on TED.

Social Media Revolution

Social Media (Revolution) 2

Illustrates the radical change and the influence of Social Media on our daily life. Find on Youtube or Alternative.

Author: Christoph Baier

Christoph Baier matches Startups & innovative Companies for Cooperation & Open Innovation. He is Managing Director of Ambi-Vation and Co-Founder of founderio. His focus is on (Industrial) Internet of Things, CleanTech and Big Data and shares insights into the cooperation of startups and companies as a speaker or interview partner. Prior to that he studied Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship at TU Berlin, wrote his master thesis about the learning capability of B2B startups and the cooperation with external partners. During his studies he cofounded START Berlin and is now an alumni.

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