How do Start-ups learn from external knowledge (Master thesis preparation)

Master thesis at Berlin Institute of Technology and University of Twente on “How do Start-ups Recognize the Value of External Knowledge and Acquire it? A Study on Absorptive Capacity in B2B Start-ups”.

In conclusion, this study sheds light on the usage of and learning from external knowledge in B2B start-ups. Precisely the purpose of this thesis is to understand how B2B start-ups recognize the value from external knowledge and acquire external knowledge. Continue reading How do Start-ups learn from external knowledge (Master thesis preparation)

Exiting topics / technologies

3D Printing, Actionable Analytics, Big Data, Collaborative Consumption, Corporate Venturing, Gamification, GeoEngineering, Google Glass, Hardware Startups, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Mass Customization, Mobile, Online Learning, Online Offline, Open Innovation, Solar 2.0, Storage Technology.

Innovation Management Basics

Innovation management describes the systematic organization of innovation. Thereby especially the planning, organization, realization and monitoring of the innovation activities are very important. The company culture has formative influence on innovation and innovation management. Anymore aspects like innovation strategy and innovation environment take a key role.
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